So if you're saying that the selections were made out of discrimination, prejudice, or racism, then you're writing off all the other art and talent that was nominated as worthless garbage, which obviously isn't true bc many non-prejudice people like the movies/actors that won. If you're saying actors who are poc and movies abt poc and their struggles deserve to win awards over those of white people, that's unfair and unequal in the opposite direction of the status quo, but equally unacceptable.

so what if i am? white movies, white actors, white writers and directors have had it their mediocre way and have gotten praised for it for too damn long while POC have been shunned and exploited for centuries. in fact american hustle was worthless garbage and should not have gotten any recognition at all.

in a room full of child molesters, racists, transphobic body shamers and misogynists that are all white, I would rather a POC win for a less than stellar film because I truly do not care about white success any more.

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    American Hustle only gets any praise because it is liberal propaganda disguised as a heist movie. As it turns out: it is...
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    It’s easy to be a victim. It’s not productive and won’t get you anywhere in life…but some people just want to be...
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    Exactly: I fucking hate it when people treat me like a moron because I have asperger’s and think I need a handout....
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    I don’t get it. Is this a tumblr thing? Am I just getting old? Cause all the black people I know in real life fuckin...
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